10 Commandments of How NOT to Be a F*ck Boy

10 commandments of How Not to be a F*ck Boy10 Commandments of How NOT to Be a F*ck Boy 

It’s a freakin’ epidemic people; there are just too many f*ck boys running around Atlanta. It is getting out of hand, therefore, I had to give you all 10 commandments of how NOT to be a f*ck boy in 2016! It is simple too. If every male follows these rules, we would all have better relationships.

10 Commandments are as follows:

  1. Thou shall NOT allow your woman to be do all of the work! It’s plain, a woman isn’t supposed to do everything, she’s actually supposed to HELP not lead. I get it that often times women try and step up in that position, but politely tell that woman to sit back and let you lead the way.
  2. Thou shall NOT be a MF liar. It’s getting old people, lying that is. Why are we still lying in 2016? If you do not want to be with someone, open your damn throat and say that!
  3. Thou shall NOT treat your woman like your MAMA. We were not created, bred, thought of, and will NOT be your freaking mom! I love to cook and clean, but I won’t nag, lecture, or beg you to do the shit you were bought up and home to do. Not this one chile.
  4. Thou shall NOT have a side chick. Listen, I’ll just leave this here: you aren’t the only one capable of having a side piece. The way you get down with shorty will be the same way I can snatch me up one. Let’s be clear, you may get irritated of your woman, but don’t play.
  5. Though shall NOT leave your family NOT taken care of. There’s nothing more to say F*ck boy.
  6. Thou shall NOT confuse being a great father with being a great BOYFRIEND. You can love that baby and treat that baby like it’s royalty, but doesn’t mean that you are treating the mother the same. You aren’t obligated to and you show that every day probably, but don’t come out of your mouth with that I’m a great parent so that makes me a great lover. NAHHHHH, that’s incorrect.
  7. Thou shall NOT be RAGGEDY. Listen, YOU NEED TO CUT THAT OUT. Walk around him nice and smelling nice.  I haven’t gotten information with Bey just so your ass can be raggedy as hell, uh, no! Smell nice, wear cologne, dress, and be spiffy.
  8. Thou shall be yourself. We want you for who you are and not what you CAN be.
  9. Thou shall love your woman correctly. Pour that love and adoration into your woman so that she can properly reciprocate the same emotion.
  10. Thou shall NOT have F*CK boy friend’s. Listen, you don’t want me around my thottie friends because you say ‘birds of a feather,flock together.’ Well, I say, ‘No f*ck boyfriends!” They are one in the same, but don’t demand me to stop and you have awful friends too!

These commandments are real life and I’m telling you that if some of these guys followed these ten rules, there’d be happier women. Let’s not be petty all of our lives; let’s aspire to grow into better things.

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