18 Pounds Down & Counting

18 pounds down  & counting

Hey, y’all! I am 18 pounds down and counting with the Keto diet!

My story:

Two years shy of having my daughter Jaslyn. I was feeling fatigued, bloated, and couldn’t keep up with my own child. I wanted to really turn my life around and as I was searching Instagram I kept seeing the Keto lifestyle.

There were so many different people that were experiencing great outcomes from the workout in which made me try to get it like everyone else. However, Ketogenic is a formula that has to be mastered.

Initially, I didn’t want to let go of coffee. I didn’t want to let go of sugar and I didn’t want to sacrifice what needed to. My mindset was all messed up! Changing your life has to come with a mindset reset; I didn’t have that at first. My mindset didn’t change until I found my Keto Coach, Pandora Marie.

Now I’m Beastin’

It’s a month and a half–I’m down 18 pounds and counting. Now I’m beastin’ it and I am so excited. I have been working out two times a day lifting as heavy as I can. I also have a personal trainer, Alexis Anglin. She is so amazing… reach out to her to help you.

Starting April, my friends and I are having a weight loss challenge. Wanna join? Hit me on IG.

Before/After Pics

18 pounds down  & counting
18 pounds down  & counting

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