19 Weeks with Exercise

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19 Weeks & Exercise

This hot mommy is back to report that I’m 19 weeks and still can’t believe there’s a sweet little baby growing inside of me! These last two weeks haven’t been hard on me much besides still experiencing fatigue. However, divas be aware that we are in the age of being trendy and healthy while pregnant and it’s important to keep up or begin a workout regimen. 

Lately, I’ve dedicated my workout time to dancing and walking. I’m not gonna lie divas, I need to dedicate more walking throughout my week. This experience is my first as a pregnant woman, but I’ve heard exercise leads to a more successful delivery when my baby love comes into the world. 


It is pertinent that you all make time to workout to keep you feeling like your old self while being drained from the baby. I’m no expert, but when I do things I use to love to do, I feel like old me. One of my biggest concerns during my first trimester was never feeling like myself, but lately making sure I felt and looked like the old diva has changed up my depressed mood I once had. 

Make sure you ladies walk as much as possible and if you opt out then that’s fine as well. One thing I loath about being pregnant is the fact that people feel entitled to give you their pregnancy tips even when you do not want their opinions or input. When you feel frustrated, stop, breathe, and smile. Don’t allow anyone to anger you. Don’t sweat the small things either; they don’t matter in the end. It’s harder to type than it is to live that, right? Right. 

Be happy, hopeful, and diligent in being a mommy to be! 


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