20 Weeks & Hair!

Untitled designMommy Monday’s: 20 weeks and Hair

It’s day two of being 20 weeks and most days I’m feeling great. But now that I’m partially back to being myself, it’s very important to make things simpler for myself. All of my readers are fabulous and always trying to stay ahead of the trends, but us mommas don’t have to be left out. We can still beat our faces and have our hair just as slayed as the next girl. That’s why I have come up with some fashionable ideas for hair.

Goddess braids are larger cornrolls that just work while pregnant. They are stylish, not too late, not too many, and you can unwrap your hair and just go. They aren’t as pricey as a head full of braids. They don’t last as long, but if you are careful you can pull off a good month off.


IMG_2552Sew-ins are a great lasting protective style that can be expensive, but worth it. I live by them because I was lazy pre-baby and even lazier post.  They allow us gals to style, go, plan, cook, and exercise without having to keep up with sweat, afros, and pregnancy fatigue. I love them and your hair is steadily  growing underneath it all. 

The infamous bun is for the mommy’s on the run and without weave. It serves as an all purpose hairstyle especially working out, cleaning up, and work when you aren’t feeling your best. Pair the doo with some hoop earrings, a slight face beat, and you will be fine during your day.


IMG_2554The last hairstyle is individual braids. These will last you a couple weeks or month if you take care of them. They’re pretty, you can style them, and be an all purpose mother to be. I think these styles give you options because there are hot flashes, headaches, fatigue, pain, and waddling. Yes, we wadde, but a cute waddle. With these hairstyles, you can cope, keep it moving, and be preggo fabulous.


Here’s another week down and 20 more weeks to go with this little ladybug.




Editor-In-Chief with a Weave at 20 weeks.

Editor-In-Chief with a Weave at 20 weeks.


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