2017 Prom Trends

2017 Prom Trends

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2017 Prom Trends

2017 prom season is here and there are definitely some cute trends we want to bring to your attention. Of course, we’ve seen the hottest fashions online on IG so we wanted to shout them out!

The first trend is bold prints and bling. We got to admire a woman who chooses the bold colors for her prom dress. She is unafraid and untouched with her decision and with all of confidence she lands a spot here:

2017 Prom Trends

Photo from IG: ThuggaBae

2017 prom Ideas

Photo from IG: Tdimara


The second trend is two piece crop top and skirt prom outfits. Girls just want to have fun and the fun lives in the mid drift section! These edgy prom dress can be blinged out or dialed down depending of the special girl. Here’s a few bomb selections from IG:

 2017 prom trends

photo of IG: Redcarpetllc

2017 prom dress

Photo credit IG:Winniedress


The last trend is what we call a “slay train” dress. The bottom of the dresses are long, dragging, and elegant. They are slaying all the competition this 2017 prom seas. Take a look at our favorite shots:

2017 Prom Trends

photo credit to IG: Toeletsgo

2017 Prom Trends

photo credit of IG: theofficialari_


Prom was such a fun time for us in high school. We were beat and complete with our dates and Stone Mountain after parties! We ended up with our classmates turning up and making the most of our 1 and 2AM curfews. Are you feeling this year’s trends? Let us know.

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