Blues Clues and Not the show

I have been told before that assuming things are really bad when it comes to relationships and I agree.  But sometimes intuition gets the best of me and most times I am completely right… in the long wrong. Because everything that happens in the dark comes to light. Intuition most times are correct. People always talk that “don’t assume” bullshhhh but the truth of the matter is… there are certain “Blues Clues” that people do that lead to these assumptions.

“Blues Clues” in my opinion are those little things that people do that send red flags in the first place:

1. Taking calls in other rooms

2. Female/Male clothes when they are “single”

3. Female/male body washes, hair products, and beauty productions

I think the best option for anyone is to be HONEST because if you are honest than the person you are dealing with has the right to CHOOSE to be with you and deal with your mess. “Blues Clues” should only be acted on when there is proof. I do NOT condone the meddling and creeping through pockets, phones, or social medias. I just think that you should keep a mental tab and if it continuously happens– address it accordingly.

So don’t say “ooooh, you assuming this or  assuming that” because if you didn’t leave little blue puppy pal prints around our relationship I would have nothing to say AT ALL. It is time to accept things for what it is… Honesty is really the best policy. These little hints you try to avoid dropping are evident… and it’s not assuming… it’s clues to get me and every other unintentional detective the answers we want.


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