3 Customer Retention Ideas for Mompreneurs

9/23/ 19
Writer: Jasmine Jackson

Customers have the ability to make or break businesses, however, a business owner who is properly prepared will always end up on top when it comes to customer retention. Gaining new customers is always a great goal but retaining an existing customer is far better because this means that you have satisfied whatever need they had using your business or services. Retaining customers will result in a greater ROI and that’s one of the goals of successful entrepreneurship. If you aren’t exactly sure where to begin, here’s a list of client retention programs to help your business retain clients. 

1. Onboarding Program:  A successful onboarding process in which customer success is the key target to create a lasting customer relationship. It teaches new customers about the product or service; this gives the company a chance to put in place a great instructor who personally trains customers according to what the customer needs. This will make the customers build a rapport and a lasting relationship because the business is catering to their time and appealing to what they need. With work deadlines and other important factors, onboarding reduces the headache of trying to figure out a service or product and allows them to complete the deadline in a timely fashion.

2. Customer Feedback: How can anyone know what they are and aren’t doing well if there isn’t a way for customer feedback to be measured? There needs to be a process in which business owners can receive feedback from those who have used the service. it can be intimidating, but it can help fix the issues that may not have been obvious at all. Businesses can use surveys or focus groups to get the information, once it’s received businesses need to examine the feedback and fix the issues or address the concerns of their customers. 

3. Updated Mail from Mailing List: All businesses should have a proper mailing list. This list should always be utilized because emails, ads, and constant communication can remind an old customer why they should continue to use the service or product. Consider planning dates and times to send out emails to clients to make sure you aren’t adding too much work for you or employees. Communication is imperative when starting a business– engage your customers. 

4. Customer Loyalty Program: Everyone loves accolades and discounts. Set up a customer loyalty program to reward customers who have shopped with you or used your services frequently. The more they shop and use your business, the more they’re rewarded whether its through discounts or free merchandise or service. Customers want to be acknowledged and want to feel apart of their favorite businesses so oblige them with what you can accommodate. 

Running a business can be difficult, but remember that the customers are the ones who keep the business running. Try and retain them as best as you can to thrive as much as possible.  

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