3 Life Lessons from How to Get Away With Murder

htgAWMSince Shonda Rhimes produced series How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) made its debut a few weeks ago, there has been a ton of buzz about the main character on the show. Veteran actress Viola Davis portrays Annalise Keating, an aggressive, enigmatic criminal law professor and defense lawyer. Similar to Scandal’s Olivia Pope, Annalise is known for her style, sexiness, and personal struggle with good vs. evil. And, because she is such a powerful leading lady, we can all learn a few great lessons from the HTGAWM star.
So, what has Mrs. Keating taught us? Since we first encountered her in September, we have learned how to:
• Keep It 75%

Everyone is always talking about “keeping it 100,” but let’s really be honest. Just like Annalise, sometimes we gotta lie. Whether its lying about our biggest weakness in a job interview (because “chronic lateness” is not a good answer) or telling our friends that we are right around the corner when we are still at home, everyone has to fib a little. As we have seen, Annalise has stretched the truth to win cases for guilty clients, so our small exaggerations are not too bad.

• Keep An Ice Cold Eye


At some point in our lives, we will run into a person who says or does something worthy of a side-eye. And, no one can give a better glare than Professor Keating. Her silent and scathing stares towards her cheating husband, crazy law students, and questionable employees are legendary. With frequent use, our side eye will become as notorious as hers.
• Keep A Sharp Rebuttal

 Every statement doesn’t require a response. But, sometimes a sharp, swift reply is a necessary defense mechanism. And, Attorney Keating always has a killer rebuttal in her arsenal. For example, this simple answer to her husband’s cheating ways shut Twitter down: “You’re a liar. At this point that’s all I know for sure. Sleep on the couch.” Ouch. We could all take a few notes from her quotable retorts and learn how to shut a situation all the way DOWN.

While most of us don’t envy a life filled with cheating, lies, murder, and drama, we can agree that the HTGAWM star makes us feel a little better about our own crazy world. Yes, we all tell lies, throw shade, and put others in check, but we think Annalise would be okay with it, so it’s all good!


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