3 Major Goals of Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

3 major goals of Thanksgiving Dinner

3 Major Goals of

Hosting Thanksgiving


Yes, the pressure is on and you have to deliver or become the quiet whisper of Thanksgiving events. Thanksgiving is a family gathering where we fellowship, eat good, talk, play spades, and enjoy a day off from our everyday lives. This time is your time to shine so that auntie and nem don’t go running off at the mouth about you and your festivities.

3 major goals of Thanksgiving Dinner

3 Major Goals

Whether you know or not, there are 3 major goals for hosting Thanksgiving at your place and these guidelines need to be followed.

  1. Make sure the home is spotless. A nasty home will get you talked about regardless. Make sure the kitchen, bathrooms, and family areas are clean, clear of clutter, and/or kid toys. These visitors are guests, but they are also family and friends. Those family and friends can be brutal with criticism and gossipping especially during the holidays. Hire a professional or section off the home and clean room by room leading up to the big day.
  2. Designate enough space for the number of guests invited to the dinner. The home should not feel cluttered by family. Set the space up for the company; add additional seating and tables to make sure your current space is utilized properly. Let room limitations be known as such “Uh, stay out of my room. There ain’t no turkey in there!” It’s OK they will understand.
  3. Have the staple meals made by the expert family member or have your mama or grandma make it. We all hate a bad mac & cheese or someone who cannot properly make good old sweet potatoes. Do not try to make brown sugar pound cake if you aren’t the matriarch of the family. We do not want or appreciate dishes that aren’t for Thanksgiving day. It’s unacceptable.

3 major goals of Thanksgiving Dinner

Whatever you do, make sure that you enjoy your day after cooking and cleaning for your family and friends. Also, it’s okay to wait a little longer before hosting such a good event especially if you are under thirty. The mid to late twenties are always open for fun holiday turn-ups, you can still house hop, take shots, and be merry. Don’t forget to put up your Christmas tree up. Make sure to be happy around the holidays if possible, live your best days with whoever inspires happiness in your life. 

PMAHappy Holidays from PMA to YOU!


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