3 Perfect Dance Classes for a Saturday

3 Perfect Dance Classes for a Saturday

Cheers to the weekend! You have survived yet another week filled with work, school, social media fights, and one too many reality TV shows. Now, it’s Saturday and you are looking for something fun to do. Perhaps you want to have a “me” day or you want to hang out with your girls and try something new. You love music and you want to party, but you don’t want to deal with the club scene. So, what should you do?

If you are looking for a fun way to get moving, try a dance class! Most dance classes have the fun aspect of nightlife without the hassle of annoying people in a club. Here are 3 options you should consider:
• Salsa


o If you love Latin music and you want to get your entire body moving, then head to a trial salsa class. The sexy dance moves will give your confidence a major boost and give you an opportunity to meet some new people. And, if you love salsa, if could become a staple in your weekly workout routine.

• Steppin’

o You don’t have to be in Chicago to take a quick lesson in steppin’. The urban dance movement is nationwide and a sophisticated way to enjoy a night out. So, grab a partner with a good sense of rhythm and try to emulate the smooth moves of seasoned steppers.

• Pole Dancin’


o This one is obvious. Pole fitness is the latest dance craze and (if you can silence your inner prude) an enjoyable way to learn a sensual art form. Like salsa, pole dancing puts your entire body to work and is guaranteed to make you feel strong and sexy. While some of the classes can be costly, you can possibly snag a Groupon and save a few bucks on your first trip.

Of course, there are a ton of additional dance options for you to explore. But, this list is a great starting place to make the most of your weekend, try something exciting, and get a little exercise in on the weekend. You are only one Google search away from finding the perfect dance class for you, so get to it!

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