It’s Over: 3 Tips for Ending Relationships Truthfully

3 Tips for Ending relationships truthfully & CordiallyIt’s Over: 3 Tips for Ending Relationships Truthfully 

“It’s over!” The momentous occasion comes around, emotions are high and secrets creep up to smack the other in the face. Let’s keep it real, ending relationships need to be handled with a certain finesse. It needs to be done with truth dialogue and cordial to be sensitive to the other person. 

Break-ups are the worst yet exhilarating freedoms after a long, stressful relationship. If it’s a messy split, opt for a meeting when things slow down and both parties have time to dissect and rationalize what happened. 

3 Tips for Ending the Relationship

  1. Communicate and get how you feel, misconceptions and lies out. 
  2. Don’t argue or fight missing the other person’s point. Tensions will rise as one person will say something that will be sensitive but regain composure or end the meeting. 
  3. Agree or disagree to remain friends or not. Cordially ending a relationship is the mature thing to do. It slows hateful and spiteful speech after. 

It’s almost a new year, it’s ok to be a mature adult. Open your ears, listen, decide if you want the relationship and if not, depart cordially. 


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