4 Summer Inspired Hairstyles 2015

4 Summer Inspired Hairstyles 2015

IMG_1201Summer is approaching quickly. As much as I love to beat my face and slay in my summer outfits and accessories, there’s one thing that MUST always be on point. That one requirement is a hairstyle. This hair must be free, easy to handle during the hot season, and must fit your head. Pardon My Audacity has chosen some key looks for the summer that you all should rock.

The natural hair journey has been taking over in the African American community giving life to all. There are a million different natural hairstyles to try and explore. There are twist outs, braids, afros, rod curls, and so many other ways to express your hair’s expression. This summer the sun and a natural hairdo will go hand in hand. Check out some of your favorite YouTube channel video bloggers and get some ideas for what to do with natural hair. Explore oils, deep conditioners, DIY projects, and ways to incorporate our hair in your everyday summer wear.


The woman with a short feathered cut is one who is chic, sexy, and all about her grown woman look. She looks sexier, sophisticated, and during the summertime she will have the most exciting time. She will be cooler without those pesky long locks that overheat making for a great style for the summer. Seek out a hair stylist who is great with cutting and styling hair. Make sure to keep it up and keep it wrapped when it needs to be wrapped. Lastly, don’t put too much heat on your hair.


IMG_1197Hellloooooo? If all else fails, rock some beautiful braids. Not only are braids a protective style but they are stylish and very convenient for the fast summer days and nights. Atlanta is always jumping in the summer and you don’t want to be the one stuck in the mirror trying to figure out your hairstyle. Poetic Justice braids are versatile; ladies, rock them long, skinny, thick, or however, you want to wear them just make sure you rock them. Try Goddess braids or cornrows to spice up your style. Stand out and love your braids.


IMG_1199We all love a sexy bob right? Taraji P. Henson has become the trendsetter with her beautifully styled bobs and so we encourage you to try it out. Much like the feathered cut, women who are rocking bobs are just as sexy and sophisticated looking. Bobs can be asymmetrical and can become very edgy! Don’t be afraid to be a little edgy.






With all of these styles, we want you all to email over your favorite looks for the summer and we may place them on our IG page! Email them to:

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