4 Tips to Bring Intimacy Back After Kids


Writer: Jasmine U. Jackson

First comes the love, lovemaking, and then the babies when it comes to relationships. The time the two spent learning and loving each other slowly changes when that new bundle of joy comes along. Being a parent is by far the toughest transition that for both, but carrying a baby then delivering one comes with challenges for women. 

Libido can drop and tiredness can set in. Changes in body image, urinary leakage, and more can cause a slow down in the bedroom.  There are a few things you can do to add a little intimacy back into your love life. 

1. Make sure to discuss the stressors that are slowing sex down in order to have a partner who may be able to help in some capacity.

 2. Prioritize sex. 

3. Add foreplay and follow through with toys, kissing, and other signs of interests in the other person. 

4. Any medical issues, address them with a physician to resolve them 
With these four steps, intimacy can start to turn around.

Sexual gratification can be achieved and both partners can be fulfilled because let’s get real everyone loves to give and receive sexually! Partners must communicate and incorporate each other’s needs to bring back the fire in the bedroom. 

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