4 Tips To Plan Your 2019 at the End of 2018!

Plan your 2019 at the end of 2018

Hey girl hey! It’s time to plan your 2019 at the end of 2018 to ensure that you reach the height of your success. Women who plan are usually prepared and ready to take on the world with all the curve balls thrown their way. 

It’s important to remember the 4 tips to planning in 2019 at the end of 2018. 

  1. Define what you are planning for.
  2. Give yourself a start and end date to have the plan in motion, started, or completed. If it doesn’t happen, that’s fine it’s just about defining and speaking life into your affirmations. 
  3. Make a detailed one-page plan. 
  4. Establish who, what, when, and where you will need assistance with any portion of the goal. 

If we speak with our mouths and affirm through our prayer, meditation, and confidence– these 4 tips will become the norm for each half of the year. Ladies, you don’t have to plan alone either. Vision Board parties are a time to get you, your girls, wine, and a few of your bright ideas out in the open. 

This time around maybe take your planning to the next level and introduce a budge to your plan to take it a step forward. Anything is possible with the right people and tools in effect. 

In any case, strive for the better at the end of 2018 and make a kick ass 2019. 


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