4 Ways To The Perfect Sitationship

4 Ways to the Perfect Situationship4 Ways To The Perfect Sitationship

Ok, Ok, I get it. Nobody wants a situationship right? We want to be settled in with prince charming on the way to being wealthy, and live the dream. However, there are some alpha women who prefer to actually chill with their companions and NOT be committed to a relationship.

A situationship is two individuals (or three, if you’re in Atlanta) who are vibing, conversing, spending time and money, and eventually move into sexual situations. Now, situationships can become complicated, but while they are stress-free, endorphin inducing, and off the record, they can be niceeee!

Relationships don’t always have to be difficult especially when life is already hard af to deal with. When the universe opens and you meet a genuine great soul connecting is natural. Confident, career women or free-spirited college women find themselves in a comfortable situation until it’s not so ideal for both of you or (usually the woman).

What makes up the perfect situationship?

  1. Two separate living quarters. This isn’t a relationship, do not get into your emotions too involved because you left a toothbrush at buddy’s crib.
  2. Honesty and upfront conversations. Listen, you cannot be in a situationship withholding secrets because it’s unhealthy af and annoying. If a person feels that the situationship is moving in a direction that they aren’t comfortable with, they need to speak up.
  3. If you aren’t in a committed relationship, it is best to always use protection during sex. Better yet, go get tested first before you start this situationship.
  4. Have fun. Go out and explore your time together around the city.

Situationships are so common these days and so it’s best to keep yourself in check. Talk with your lover and get to know the person so you can be in a healthy environment filled with love, high vibes, and creative interactions.

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