5 Crazy Things Not to Say While Internet Dating

5 Crazy Things Not to Say While Internet Dating5 Crazy Things Not to Say While Internet Dating

The internet is a having for those us of too busy to go out every weekend to find love, but there are some weirdos online. Recently, I stepped out on a social media dating app and let’s just say it’s been interesting ever since. While I was being harassed by forward individuals, I got asked five hell no, sir questions. I thought I’d provide 5 crazy things not to say while internet dating! 

  1. 1. Can you send me nudes? Answer: Hell to the nah! Listen, this question is forward, rapy, and a fucking deader in any conversation with any young woman. I mean are thots even okay with it? Uh, my secret Thottiana inside of me isn’t okay with it! Sorry. Stop asking for nude pictures, p*ssy pics, penis pictures, boobs, and I mean seriously, do not send one either. 
  2. Do you want to join me and my girl in bed/ in a relationship? Uh, wait a minute. I didn’t sign up for Polygamy! No, I don’t. I want my own damn man, not someone else’s. I am not Jasmine from Love and Hip Hop! Ain’t no three-way bih! This question is highly inappropriate unless you are certain that the person you’re approaching is into that sexually. Like what? Move right along. 
  3. Can I have your number? After approximately two chats.  No, I’m sorry but I can’t just give my number out even though I can block you if you get out of line. I mean give me a few days of back and forth to feel more comfortable. It’s not the end of the convo, but it is weird af. 
  4. Can I come see you tonight? I do not know you. I am trying to converse with you to know you, but I am not comfy just coming to chill with you shorty. Let’s go on an official date. I don’t want to be in my or your house to get to know each other. Nah. No internet meetup sex dates. 
  5. Can I bring you a meal? It sounds sweet right, but why would you randomly bring a stranger a meal that you didn’t know and always ask to bring a meal. Seriously, I have had a man ask me this every time he texts me and when I asked why, he said because he wants to see me. It’s a sweet gesture or is it a weird one? Weird to me. 

Have you guys had any strange encounters with dating apps and internet love? I am about to just be single. 

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