5 Must-Have Christmas Gifts

5 Must-Have Christmas Gifts 5 Must-Have Christmas Gifts

Christmas is on its way and it’s the holiday where we revel in giving rather receiving.  The family dinners, gift exchanges, and assisting the less fortunate families are all apart of the experience outside of justs Christmas lists and stunting in our new gear. However, this is also the season to drop subtle hints to bae about what exactly is on your list for Christmas.

5 Must-Have Christmas Gifts 

1. Anything Fenty Beauty by Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

 This line has literally been a godsend for my brown girls in all multifaceted complexion we possess. Items like “Stunna” lip paint, a flawless red lip paint for only $24 (Yes, It’s worth it) and “Killawatta” highlight for $34 are the rave of the season illuminating faces for the Gawds! The prices are a little higher but nothing crazier than MAC or Urban Decay. Support a black woman with a bomb black product.
Need a new product and want to support a black woman who gets you? Tell bae to visit

5 Must-Have Christmas Gifts2. Sexy Lacy Lingerie

Lingerie is fun, flirty, and slept on! People say they’re going to take it off anyway, but hello.. how often do you get to be the complete object of your man’s affection or…when have you last felt sexy in your PJ’s? You want to spice it you or honestly, trying to be buss’ it open for zaddy? Make sure you are out here asking for lingerie that you wouldn’t mind being seen in.
Shop Devi has cute and affordable lingerie. I haven’t personally purchased from there yet, but it looks cute and has a nice price attached.
Visit for more lingerie needs.

3. AP Couture Faux Fur Vest

I’m a bit more bias about this gift, but hell it’s because I want my own vest. These faux fur vests are bomb AF and they are handmade by designer April Palomino, only $60! I mean you can also pair it with a bad ass boot!
Want to order, I can get you to the owner.
5 Must-Have Christmas Gift
5 Must-Have Christmas Gifts

5 Must-Have Christmas Gifts4. A pigmented Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint

These beautiful pigmented matte lip paints are everything and are in a Christmas budget. This company supplied enhanced beauty products that work well on most skin tones. My personal favorite is “Snob” and they are only $17 bucks like a lot of Mac lipsticks.

Tell bae to visit

5. Stockpiles
Tell bae to financially fund your future and purchase a stockpile. This gift is beneficial, can ear a pretty penny, and offers future financial education factors.
Check out stocks and exchanging. Invest in your future is by far the best option on here.
Take these 5 must-haves for Christmas gifts to purchase you something. These objects are creative, beneficial, and we hope you land them!
*Photo credit: Coloured Raine, Jasmine Jackson, Fenty Beauty*

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