5 Songs to Add to Your Playlist

Here I was listening to Spotify when I ran across a few great songs; specifically, 5 songs to add to your playlist. Every once and a while, you have to journey out of your comfort zone to find some very interesting music. It’s usually a great release and discovery. I’m pretty sure you have tons of times where music means a smile versus a frown. Hell, it helps me once a week it seems.

5 Songs to Add to Your Playlist 

5 songs to add to your playlist, JRand

  1. J Rand “Gold”: He hits on all aspects of his woman’s sex being as rich as gold in such a smooth way. Sometimes we just want to be admired and admire someone for what drives us crazy and J Rand did that here.
  2. IMG_0009Kyle Dion “Better”: His voice and message are sexy to be honest. He’s eclectic and would be a cool addition to your playlist.  Be sure to check out his EP “Painting Souls” which is filled with bomb ass songs.
  3. 5 Songs to add to your playlist, Tia LondonTia London “Thinkin Bout It”: The first chick on the countdown has this great song in her music list. Her emotions are raw and she’s singing about that one decision. Make sure you check her out and add her songs to your playlist.
  4. 5 Songs to Add to Playlist, Zayn MalikZayn “Pillow Talk”: The former One Direction member is solo and sexy. Here’s a completely different sound from him and it bumps! I listen every time I rod my hair and rock my sweet baby to sleep. It’s sexy and his voice is hot; glad he’s solo. “Pillow Talk” is worth the playlist download.
  5. 5 Songs to Add to your Playlist, V. BozemanV. Bozeman “Smile”: The voice from “Empire” graces the track with Producer Timberland. It’s such s cute couple song with one great voice and one creative soul. Check it out here:

There you have it, a list of dope artist, their songs and their videos. Check them out and join their musical movement.

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