5 Tips to Balancing Dating with Your Work Schedule

5 Tips to Balance dating while Working5 Tips to Balancing Dating with Your Work Schedule

Balancing dating with your work schedule can be a difficult task, but it is doable. It is simple once you find the balance that will make everything work easily for you. PMA has a five dating and work tips for you in this article

  1. Try to really plan your day to incorporate short breaks in which you can have a cup of coffee, or attend a happy hour. It can be as simple as planning a brief lunch conversation while you are outside walking. Timing is everything. It is what makes or breaks the dating process.
  2. Weed out in the early stages if this person is worth adding the planned time for. This is especially important to make sure you don’t get your another fuckboy. Is the conversation moving past lustful questions? Can you talk at unreasonable hours which will help with figuring out if he’s really single? This stage is crucial to avoid wasting your damn time.
  3. Make sure your date is fun and gives you guys a chance to connect. This means the movies are out in the beginning. Go catch a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Dine. Take a walk and as corny as that sounds that’s what you need to do.
  4. Utilize the weekends for dates. Really utilize an afternoon to go out and have fun. It’s not going to hurt you one bit. For those who work Monday through Friday, this time is perfect. You even still get to sleep in.
  5. Avoid work dating even though you are trying to balance a dating lifestyle and work. If it gets ugly, one of you could lose your job and who wants to miss coins over a fuckboy? No one ma’am.

Dating and working are so possible, especially in this day and age. But you have to remember that you have to get out to meet someone. Online dating is fun but there’s nothing like meeting a man in public to see him naturally coexisting. Yes, make sure you follow these rules and get out.

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