5 Tips for Days Off with Your Mini Me

 5 Tips for Days off with your mini-me5 Tips for Days Off with Your Mini Me

My mini-Me, Jaslyn loves when I stay and work from home; she loves days with her mommy. I must admit that I love my days with her as well. Those days are filled with wet kisses, baby arguments, and hilarious dancing.

I never realized how much of a small difference it would make taking two day out of the week to stay around my baby. She wakes up, we eat breakfast together, take our vitamins together, and part ways before I have to work.

I just came to say that there are awesome activities to do with your toddler when you have a few off day minutes.

  1. Play learning games that identify her eyes, ears, mouth, nose. Incorporate new things after one thing begins to stick. It’s a little difficult, but it’s fun. The child will soon grasp everything that you guys continuously cover. (Take it from me, I’m a private tutor and substitute teacher).
  2. Sing awesome kid songs! Jaslyn loves Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes!
  3. Let the child choose a book and read the book!
  4. Watch the kids favorite show together.
  5. Take the child for a daily walk and allow them to take a few steps as well before nap time.

All of these things helped me tremendously. I would recommend taking time after work and making sure you give that baby one on one time because a lot of the issues I see in older children at my schools stem from not receiving enough attention. But anyways, try these steps and tell us if it worked for you all!

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