5 Tips to Choosing your Mr. Right


 5 Tips to Choosing your Mr. Right

Women want the men with the money, the nice cars, and the status. Why wouldn’t they want to enhance their life, right? They see certain men as options and others as complete trash. Glitz and glamour doesn’t constitute providing, honesty, loyalty, or the small things that count. It provides money to shut them up, to buy them, to hide infidelity, and to rule over them in some cases. The men who are struggling to get it together or who have it together, but aren’t as glamorous as others are put on the back burner. These men understand, most times, that the small things count and that’s what makes a lasting relationship.

Photo credit: Mirror.Co.Uk

Photo credit: Mirror.Co.Uk

Women, we tend to be our own road block sometimes. Not all men with status are bad or disloyal, but it’s 2015 and we should be embracing family oriented, motivated, or self-made men. If you aren’t that type of woman, maybe you should become self-motivated and independent before looking for status men.


If you don’t know any better, Here are 5 tips to choosing Mr. Right:

  • Stop going for men with power who already have someone they go home too. It seems silly to have to say that nowadays, but you wouldn’t believe how many hearts are broken by believing a married or taken man will leave the one person that stayed with him from rags to riches. He’s not leaving her and if he was, he’s probably not going to settle with you.
  • Stop nitpicking with a man that is trying. If a man is trying and attempting to make you all’s life better and is slowing succeeding please slow the bitching down. There are enough issues throughout his day to day, he should not have to come home to his best friend and hear it too. This doesn’t mean hold your tongue on everything, but small things like not putting the seat down or not copping that new Michael Khors bag can chill.
  • Have your own life. Women who are moving, shaking, and making their own dreams come true attract men who are doing the same things. You all aren’t there yet but building a solid home front team makes success taste better.
  • Be secure in who you are emotionally, physically, and financially. Everyone will not have everything intact, but what does need to be together is the way emotions are presented and expressed. Can’t control anything else, why not control what you ingest and how you exercise your body? Finances should be controlled and know your limits. These small steps will take you closer to meeting your personal Mr. Right.
  • Stop going by society’s standard of “Mr. Right.” We will not all find us a Jay-Z, Will Smith, or Kanye right off the bat and we shouldn’t shoot for those men. We should shoot for men who have been raised right, has the same goals as we do, and treat us like we are queens. Everything he doesn’t have that you want isn’t a deal breaker, it’s a beautiful tasks to take on.
Photo credit: Swagquotes

Photo credit: Swagquotes

Understanding that times have changed is important, but let us not forget that our grandparents weren’t perfect, but they did seek men who had promise, drive, and family oriented goals. Let’s stop trying to find perfection in a man who isn’t perfect and never will be. Perfection is more of a convention that we can aspire to be but alter it to fit our life.


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