6 Annoying Holiday Questions About Your Love Life

Holiday Questions About Your Love Life6 Annoying Holiday Questions About Your Love Life

Everyone has that weird intrusive family who is all in their business. They want all types of juice from you especially if you’re single and even more so if you’re involved. PMA has come up with 6 questions to prepare for during your Thanksgiving Dinner with your crazy family.

  1. “When are you going to settle down and find you a good man?” This question is uber annoying. Most the times, they have already asked you that the previous holiday. They ask you that question like it’s the next big thing that should be happening in your life; remember to forget academics and careers according to your eager family members. If you are tired of that question, you either answer brutally honest or bring a holiday bae for the evening and payment can be that free plate they receive.
  2. “Don’t you think it’s time you find someone so we can have some grandkids running around here?” This question is by far one of the most annoying questions posed by family members. There is NO set time for my UTERUS to be invaded and my flat stomach to be taken over, my emotions and hormones off damn balance, and what about funds? Stop asking ridiculous questions. Let me eat my damn turkey in peace!
  3. “When is the big wedding day?” This question is for those who finally found “bae” and now the family is rushing to the next damn step. Can we properly date before we get to the nuptials? Jesus, this question is so annoying especially after only 6 months to a year passing before bombarding someone with these questions.
  4. “Why haven’t we met his family yet?” This question comes after a couple encounters with boyfriend happens. If your family is anything like mine, they want to meet who brought him up, how, and more nosey things just TO know! Answer the question honestly, “Ma, they ghetto.” or “Ma, they live out of state.”
  5. “When are you all going to have the next baby? Can’t let it get too late!” This question is annoying as well. I already have one bad toddler running around, taking my money, and leaving me half crazy. Do not ASK me for the next one. I am not moving faster, they’re not moving out of the way for the next one. It’s my cooch, parentals. Thanks, Management.
  6. “Why do you have an attitude?” This question is asked only when you aren’t in the holiday cheer. I don’t know about you all, but waking up at the crack of dawn to cook a feast is not fun. I get this question and NEVER answer it. I always say, “Nothing, I’m just tired.” Remember, this is family and they will slap you down with your smart answers.

These questions are annoying and are really asked during the holiday season in a lot of black homes. I hope you enjoyed the laugh, add a question if you can think of one.

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