6 Tips on Coping with Heartbreak

20130702-024735.jpg6 Tips on Coping with Heartbreak

There are very few people who enter into your life changing how you view certain things. A person can step into action and completely change one thing you looked at completely different. Love is one of the things where someone can change you. After a certain amount of relationship failures, women tend to build up protective walls against other potential lovers due to past issues. This wall hinders women from finding someone who is really trying to open up and love her the correct way. It isn’t easy allowing love in after a heartache, but this isn’t fair to the person pursuing you. If you are not ready for a relationship, here are some tips for getting ready mentally, physically, and emotionally.

  • Clean and clear the clutter of everyday life. Cleaning the mess around your home and car will prompt you to have a clear precise environment at all times.
  • Start reciting positive affirmations every morning and evening. It seems silly, but has helped me on many days when I felt like there was no real hope.
  • Meditate and Pray at the beginning and ending of your day. Get you together; figure out what works for you. What will change you from being frantic, coldhearted, and rude?
  • Change your eating habits. Start eating clean and de-clutter your body as well as your home.
  • Work out and workout hard. Be sure to start snatching that “I have a man that loves me the way I am,” fat. Be sure to get healthy and do it because you want to and not because you want a man.
  • Paint, draw, write poetry, AND live. Be sure to go out and do things that you aren’t used to doing. It will create a better-rounded individual.

Now ladies, I know that these days men are fraud and there are a mass of f**k boys, but they aren’t all guilty. The men who are approaching you aren’t your ex and it’s not fair for us to treat them that way. We must examine our own issues, admit them, work with them, mold them, and create better selves. I think you all are ready to be out there and different.


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