7 Rules to Long Distance Dating

7 Rules to Long Distance dating7 Rules to Long Distance Dating

There are rules to long distance dating and there are ways to make sure that both parties in the relationship stay happy enough to continue trying. It is so difficult committing to another person in the same state just minutes away, but it can be hell on wheels if you are dating someone out of state.

It takes two committed individuals to stay in a long-distance relationship because there’s no physical makeup sex, no hugs, kisses, or any interactions that two people need to grow together. PMA has 7 Rules to long-distance dating that will bring two people close and keep them faithful.

  1. Make sure that there is honest communication. A lot of times, people are communicating, but not effectively. The worst thing to do is have a lackluster conversation, lie about the daily occurrences in your life, or miss important phone calls and text messages with a person you’re dating long distance.
  2. Trust is the most important thing. The biggest thing you have to remember is that you must have the highest regard for the person you are dating and you must trust every word that comes out of their freakin’ mouth or it will not work.
  3. Both parties must make a conscious effort to visit one another. No matter where the other lives, both parties must spend the bread and travel to the other person. I have friends who travel to Memphis and her man travels here, they meet in the middle in Columbus, GA. I have a friend who flies to Chicago for holidays and agreed set times. Her boyfriend will travel upon their agreement. The important thing here is that they are both willing to travel to make it to the other person.
  4. When you visit that special person, make sure that you make lasting memories. Make sure that you are exploring the city both of you are in together. Make sure to go to dinner, visit that new dope museum, visit the hottest clubs in the evening, bar crawl, go to a comedy show, and whatever you do enjoy the person you’re rarely with in person. That’s the most important thing here.
  5. If you aren’t a virgin, I highly suggest LOTS of sex during the visit, phone sex, and whatever else you deem appropriate. Everyone has needs, but everyone doesn’t have the means to travel across the world every weekend to get a nut. Whatever you and your lover have put together in the intimacy and sex department is required to keeping the spice alive over a long distance.
  6. Try fun ways to connect. Try sending things in the mail; gifts presents, and just because gifts are everything in a relationship that’s far apart. Have video chat date nights where both parties dress up and eat a meal. It sounds corny but shit it’s important to try new things.
  7. Fight temptation, it’s the devil. Listen, after four months without seeing your man or woman, there will be little miscreants trying to get your goods and you must fight them off! You have got to be the bigger ninjas because sexual attraction, lack of sex, and a small amount of attention can lead to drawes off. Exes will start reappearing, work friends try to become work baes, and honey, ain’t nobody got time for that!

We hope these were helpful but listen honey, we have close friends who are going through the reels now. Test these out and let us know if this helped or not.

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