7 Summer Kickback Guidelines

7 Summer Kickback Guidelines

7 Summer Kickback GuidelinesSummer is host to the livest ATL parties, but before everyone comes to your kickback let’s lay down some guidelines. How many times have you gone to a kickback and complained all the trifling things people do? We can avoid these issues by outlining them. Summer is the time for less clothes, romance, fun, and kickbacks. Everybody loves a good kickback; it’s almost a party but more laid back. Games, social media, drinks, mary jane, and shots are always welcomed. 

 It may seem minor but these rules need to be said because there are always one or two who don’t get the rules. 

  1. Don’t bring more than two people to anybody’s kickback. Two is the maximum and don’t make it a pattern either.
  2. If it says BYOB, BYOB! Don’t come empty handed thinking you are going to have a drink! 
  3. Make sure the home/location is SMOKER friendly before lighting any marijuana paraphernalia. If it’s not, roll up at a table, or on your lap. Make sure rellos, papers, or leafs are back in your pocket or in the trash. Make sure that you aren’t dropping weed everywhere. Once finished, go outside with your respective weed smokers and blow it down. Don’t draw extra attention to your illegal actions either so the party can stay lit. 7 Summer Kickback Guidelines
  4. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT eat three edibles in one sitting you will be so high… you will think you’re going to die. You won’t though.
  5. Do not over drink if you are a throw up prone party goer! I am not cleaning up throw up. No one wants to deal with that. 
  6. Do not EAT then DIP!
  7. Do not get caught on social media! We aren’t deleting the evidence.

7 Summer Kickback Guidelines

These rules will help you man your summer kickbacks and make sure the party is live. 

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