A Short List of Relationship Questions Before Marriage

A Short List of Relationship Questions Before Marriage

Written by: Jasmine Jackson 
A Short List of Relationship Questions Before Marriage

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Relationships all start with the honeymoon stage, but while in this stage we wanted to supply you with a short list of relationship questions to help you get to know your significant other better. Dating and growing with an individual has to be a constant communication cycle in which there are questions and answers. 

With all of the loves at first sight and drunken night scenario, it helps to have a research to dig into the meat of a new relationship and their personal life. These questions are at different stages of relationships so the range can seem extreme for a new couple, but this is for all couples and what should be asked before marriage. 

Short List of Relationship Questions

Are you religious or spiritual? Is there a balance? Are you more religious? Spiritual? 

Do you meditate? If no, is there a reason why not. 

Do you take a time to pray and do you pray with your partner if so?

What are your beliefs on man and wife? 

Do you want children?

Do you mind being a father to my child if we marry?

How do you feel about punishment?

How were you punished as a child? 

Are you open to more children if you have them already?

Are you jealous?

How often do you expect sex?

Are you a manipulative person?

Do you smoke? How often?

Do you drink? Is it during the week, every night, every month? 

Where are you employed?

Do you travel often with your job? If so, do you ever plan to change that? 

Do you read? Who is your favorite author? What is your favorite book? 

This short list is just the tip of the iceberg which means there will be another list coming with more questions. If you have any awesome questions to include, leave a comment and I will decide if I should add it. Relationships are susceptible to ups and downs, but exploring deep meaningful conversations can avoid some of the red flags that are shown in the very beginning. 

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