ABC’s of Dealing with Change 2017

ABC's of Dealing with Change 2017ABC’s of Dealing with Change 2017

Let’s face it, 2016 kinda sucked and now it’s over. Just that quickly, the changes that starting pushing and making life a little difficult came and brought unnecessary stress. But actually, it’s not always bad! You have to get that pressure in order to turn from coal to a diamond. You just have to know how to deal with it. Here are the ABC’s to Dealing with change in 2017.

Accept the situation in your life and decide if you really want to make a change to your every day. It is imperative if you truly seek an impressive change in your life. When I decided to change my life, it ended in a book being written and sold. I didn’t reach the bestseller’s list THIS time, but I did it. I, at least, accomplished one of my goals. So accepting the issue will assist in solving the issue.

Be real, honest, and EMOTIONALLY bare as you deal with the everyday shenanigans of life. I am not telling you to be an emotional wreck, I just mean sincerely go through the ups and downs feeling everything because it will make you a stronger person. Apply prayers, meditation, and exercise to cope with the changes; these are great ways to manage stress.

Continue to push thru’ Queen/King! There are too many factors in this world hoping for a negative outcome, but if you keep pressing on I am sure that there will be a positive result. Keep those positive affirmations, friends, bible verses, family members, and whatever else keeps you positive around. Don’t take sour ass 2016 into 2017; have EXPECTANCY and ABUNDANCE of attitude!

DEAL with whatever is thrown your way!

Elevate your time, mind, situation, and thought process.

FAILURE isn’t an option.

GIVING in is for punks and you can’t really punk out when Trump is in office trying to RUIN us.

HEAL from this and use it for the future.

The rest of the letters will come on your own accord with your own wisdom, we just wanted to jump start your list.

All I’m saying is, be sure to check yourself in the mirror during a time crisis and reach out if you need help. Don’t be a Kanye after years of downhill behavior and don’t be a Brittney shaving all your hair off.

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