Addressing your Depression: Keri Hilson Inspires Girls

Addressing your Depression: Keri Hilson Inspires Girls

Addressing your Depression: Keri Hilson’s Inspires Girls

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Depression is that spoken yet unspoken thing to go through in the black community and in 2018 more than ever we must address it. Queens, there is no better time to address the issues that are currently plague you. Be aware that there are lessons to be learned and they do affect the psyche. Instagram and Facebook imagery can be heavily influencing lifestyles, but they aren’t as accurate as they seem. Keri Hilson recently told press at the Silence the Shame organization she went through depression during her “No Boys Allowed” album release. She inspires girls to be conscious of their issues to heal from It or get to a better place.

“Literally, seven years of my life have been a battle with depression and I can’t say that I’m all the way clear, but I’m in the clear,” the “Pretty Girl Rock” singer states at the panel in Atlanta. She goes on to state that why she was at her pivotal moment in her career, depression consumed her. Keri revealed that she was living her dream, but after a bad breakup of an 11-year-old relationship, the depression worsened.

Addressing your Depression: Keri Hilson’s Inspires Girls

Keri opened about recognizing the woman she had become during the depression crying on stage. Hilson eventually overcame stating one way she tackled (s) her depression is by taking social media breaks and focusing on herself. Without social media constraints, a queen could gather her thoughts and start to thrive!

Keri took 2 years away from social media helping her get in touch with her values and what makes her happy. I share this story with you to further inspire you women to fight for your well being and happiness in life. If you know someone who is going through It, offer them love, support, and ask if they need medical assistance.


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