Always Be Unique Art Gallery Review

Always Be Unique Art Gallery Always Be Unique Art Gallery

During these times of the glow up, we must always stay in check. What exactly is staying in check? Moisturizing that beautiful melanin skin, keeping the skin smooth, and supporting dope handmade  beauty products from Black Owned businesses.  Always Be Unique Art Gallery is one of those dope businesses. As I went to check my mail, I received a package from ABU gallery filled with handmade, scented shea butter, massage butter, black soap, and even beard butter for bae.

We are always seeking new products, I appreciated receiving the shea butter and black soap the most because somewhere in my little light skin world, I didn’t think I needed lotion much. It took me years to embrace the use of lotion because you couldn’t “see” the ash.  I realized you can FEEL the ash, right?

Always Be Unique


Most of the ingredients in these products are amazing for the skin and I was very excited to start a regimen to slowly get my skin together. Most of the products are blends of coconut oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, and an array of other raw materials. All of these ingredients reveal the real black girl magic in a bottle. It locks the moisture into the skin, tightens the skin, and is said to restore collagen which keeps the youthfulness we all hope to have at 75! Not only were the products raw materials, but also some of them were scented. They smelled amazing, lasted throughout the use of the product, and I didn’t feel greasy either. Sometimes you can feel greasy using products, but my skin felt perfect with the shea butter

Always Be Unique Overall Experience: 

I loved the products. I never had to put in more than a dollop of the great smelling shea butter. I applied some every day and felt great. My skin was smooth, smelled great, and I wanted everyone around me to try. Ain’t that what you love? Sharing a product with folks who don’t have it. I’m bragging about the product like it’s my product! I handed out the beard butter for my friend and he was mad it was only a sample.

I really enjoyed using a black owned product and was not pissed off about the customer service or anything. It’s a plus and makes me rate the company 4 stars.

PMA Spills The Tea We Rate Always Be Unique 4 Stars for their product and customer service. Make sure to catch them on FB and IG.

ABU Owners says, “Always Be Unique Art Gallery offers a variety of unique products ranging from Skin Care & fragrances custom conscience t-shirts to African and African inspired art. Our line of custom whipped shea butter beautifully scented comes in over 25 different scents. That will leave you longing for more. We take in customer satisfaction.”

Check out this Black Owned Business and Support him today!


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