AP Couture Capes Are Coming!

AP Couture

AP Couture Capes Are Coming!

AP CoutureAP Couture capes are coming for those women who crave the grown and sexy socialite lifestyle. These stylish capes are for those fierce entrepreneur women that need to flow from the office to their after evening events. Meeting the designer, April Palomino, was such a pleasure and hearing her vision was refreshing. 

Saturday, July 9th, April and I sat down to talk about AP Couture and really get acquainted with her line. The models Ashley and Ebony were flawless women who captured the essence of what April intended. The atmosphere was filled with good music, vibes, and fashionable capes for all events. 

AP Couture

PMA: What inspired AP Couture?

April Palomino: What inspired AP Couture? I’m a very creative and handy person. I love putting things together. I’m always asked how do I come up with ideas, but it comes so naturally. I could never answer and can never answer that question. One night, I was going out with a friend and didn’t want to wear a jacket. I came across some material in my closet and decided to make a cape. Capes are my favorite cover-ups. That night I wanted to feel free and loose. I started cutting the material, in no time I was slipping the cape over my head. When I got to the club, I got so many compliments on how well I made the cape. When I came home, my daughter Ashley who’s  into fashion asked me where did I purchase my cape. I told her I made it. I was asked to make a few by friends and here, I am now making dozens a day.

AP Couture

Image (6)PMA: Who is the line designed for?

April Palomino: This Cape is designed  for all sizes. I would like to see AP Couture Capes on every sexy lady out there . Dress up or dress down you still will have that fashionable look no matter how you wear it.  I would like to take it as far as I can and run forever free with AP Couture.  

Check out AP Couture on Instagram. All of the updates on the upcoming line will be there. To order, email April Palomino: 

Here’s a behind-the-scene video from the shoot:


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