April Affirmation: Spring Confirmations

April AffirmationsApril Affirmation: Spring Confirmations

Spring is here and Spring cleaning is a must! PMA is offering Spring Equinox affirmations to detox your home, your life, and your aura. Taking advantage of the energy is around you is very important.  Clear your energy by: cleaning all areas frequented, fast to cleanse yourself, visit the sauna, sage the living areas, and mediate.  Use the affirmation as a breath into life your business and your everyday life.

Cleansing the Home and Like Areas

  1. I will cleanse my home and clear the old auras out.
  2. My space will be clean and productive.
  3. Spring is here and I am fully in tune with this equinox.

Cleansing the Body

  1. I will be focused on this fast and I will push through it.
  2. Fasting from _______ will make me mentally and physically strong.
  3. To be a better individual, I will keep the fast up and make sure to stay focused.

Cleansing Friendships

  1. Everybody is not MY friend and it’s okay to separate myself from them.
  2. I will hang out with like-minded friends who have goals close to mine.
  3. I will start hanging out with people who are business-minded and on their SHIT!

These are the April affirmations and we hope they help you out. Make sure that you speak these out loud because speaking life with your actions ignites opportunities and work.


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