Atlanta Indie Artist: Who is HisStory?

HisStory Atlanta Indie Artist Spotlight: Who is HisStory?

Atlanta Indie Artist spotlight: Who is HisStory? We knew them as simply Vincent Clark. With voices of old school R&B with current day swag, we are loving their return. PMA sat down and talked with this amazing group to see what they are offering Atlanta’s Indie Artist scene.

PMA:  Tell readers a little about HisStory.

HS: Class, edge, personality, and mystery; the qualities every woman seeks in a companion. These also describe the diverse traits represented by this Atlanta based male Pop group. You may have seen them opening up for Migos, Jazmine Sullivan, John Legend, or R Kelly. You may have even heard their song “We are at Atlanta” at the Falcons home games. This dynamic group has been impressing and entertaining audiences for the past 10 years with their tight harmonies and New Edition reminiscent dance moves. Individually they are known as Travis, Jalil, JD, and Drique, but the world will soon know and love them as HisStory!

Jalil – Da Baddest Ever

Travis- Mr. Set the Tone

JD- Mr. Show Off

Drique- Secret Weapon

PMA:  HisStory wasn’t always the name of the group. It was Vincent Clark. What inspired the name change? Was there some group break up tale? Do you guys mesh well? Are there any drawbacks to singing in a group?


Photo credit: Dwain Govan

HS: Groups go through name changes all the time. We went from the Doo Whop Boiz, to Vincent Clark, and now  HisStory. The latest name change stemmed from a separation from our former representation. As far as a break-up tale, yes we did break up; however, we realized that we were stronger together than as individuals. In any situation you enter you will face drawbacks, but there are greater benefits to being in a group than not.

PMA:  What changes did Vincent Clark undergo in order to be HisStory?

HS: The changes Vincent Clark went through to form HisStory include change in our management team and change of mindset about what we wanted.

PMA: What differentiate ‘HisStory’ from other male R&B groups?

HS: What differentiates HisStory is that we all can sing lead, as well as blend in the background. We bring back the true essence of feel good music.

PMA: What upcoming performances can readers look forward to?

HS: No upcoming shows yet, we are focused on putting out our single and music video right now.

PMA: Where can readers catch up with you all? Social media wise.

HS: Make sure to follow all social media @WeAreHisStory to insure you do not miss the next performance from HisStory!


Antonio Ramos

Also, catch up with HisStory: HisStory

Instagram- @WeAreHisStory

Twitter- @WeAreHisStory

Facebook – @WeAreHisStory

Youtube- HisStory Music

PMA is excited for their return and their future successes! We would love to see the growth and hear the music that is coming.


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