Atlanta’s Jack’s Pizza & Wings

jacksp3Atlanta’s Jack’s Pizza & Wings

Say it’s been a very trying day, but it’s a Friday and you a good twenty-five bucks to spare before your budget begins to stiffen. Where do you go to actually relax and get faded after a long work week? Well, step out of your normal spots and discover Georgia Highland’s secret treasure.

Jack’s Pizza & Wings is a medium sized bar that host a mixture of music and crowd. The pizza menu is large with creative combination pizza; my favorite being “Big Mama.” It’s a pizza covered in cheese, pepperoni, ground sausage, ground beef, and bacon. Yum. There a plethora of other choices, but why not just splurge a little bit for a great tasting pizza. A slice is $4.99 and it’s an amazing way to soak up those amazing shots you’ll be taking.

big mama

jacks pizzaThe best thing about Jack’s is that honestly you can go and get you a SoCo (Southern Comfort) shot for $4! Say what? A dark liquor shot in downtown Atlanta for under 5 bucks? What about $5 Fireball shots? Honey Jack? Yes dolls, there is hope for a cheap night with comfortable style to help you shake off your day.

I urge you to throw on some cute high waist jeans, crop top, your bestie, and start your weekend off right. Not every scene has to be a “party” sometimes you can kick it; drink cheap liquor, eat cheap pizza, and then drive to Edgewood to kick the night off. But we’ll save Edgewood for next Thursday.

Pardon My Audacity encourages safe and responsible fun so be sure to call you an Uber! Good evening and great drinking.

jacks p2PMA_LogoVisit Jack’s Pizza at 676 Highland Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30312.


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