Attention, Grown Woman!

Photo: Graham Hunt

Attention, grown woman just to let you know: You are worthy, educated, brilliant, sexy with or without stretch marks or scars. You are dynamic, you are well-rounded, and you are amazing. You create and deny the future happenings within your life. 

Attention, grown woman just as the sun raises so does your soul and sometimes it’ll feel beat up, spit on, and damaged.  There will be parasitical factors and beings that will envelope you in a false sense of love and admiration but will slowly drain all the life from you. IF you allow… attention, grown woman you are not exempt from the parasites, the aches, the pains, the smiles, the joys, the highs, or the lows. You are intertwined like a vine opening to re-invest in what illuminates your shine. You are listening to your elders about reading Biblical literature and re-educating and aligning your life. However—attention, grown woman you will need to be ready for war.

Attention, Grown Woman!
Photo: Kal Loftus

Attention, grown woman… mommy issues do not get to tell you who and what you need to be in this life. Daddy issues do not get to sway the spreading of thighs and the consecrating your body just to get what you want from whomever you want it from. Wake up grown woman and understand that though there are shadows … you must always, you must always, you must always find a way to crawl back to the sunlight.

Attention, grown woman—the aisle of pity, body dysphoria, doubts, and bullshit is closed. The only things remaining are two human feet withstanding the weathering sensation of life. Honey, you have to stand strong  and keep your stature, class, work ethic first and foremost. Things that happen are to build character and once it’s built we have to take our pieces and build whatever else we want with it.


Lastly, attention, grown woman. I got your back and your sides. I will continue to be your support when it’s dark and gloomy. Welcome to Pardon My Audacity where I strive to be support and love in all spaces. 

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