Attorney Cedrick D. Forrest Gives Advice On Balancing Work & Family


Writer: Keandra Scott-Tatum

Attorney Cedrick D. Forrest Gives Advice On Balancing Work & Family

Attorney Cedrick D. Forrest Gives Advice On Balancing Work & Family

Dad, husband, and attorney for various individuals seeking someone to battle for them in the courts may not always be a ‘walk through the park’ to balance. We often emphasize the struggle for mothers obtaining synergy, and for good reason, but we can’t forget our men who are in the workforce hitting the pavement to provide for their families every single day. We specialize in title 24 compliance, among many others. Forrest went from the foster care system, being raised by a single black mother to becoming a family man who spends his spare time advocating in the community for children who are aspiring to practice law. The Houston-based Attorney runs his own firm under Cedrick D. Forrest Law, PLLC. where they specialize in personal injury and civil litigation. 

Here are three tips to a happy home and work-life balance Attorney Forrest gave our readers:

  1. Scheduling

We hear of different scenarios daily of parents coming home complaining about how unfulfilling their jobs are and how some employers lack work-life balance. I have to make sure all bases are covered; it starts at the house. Having discernment on what is more important and what will lead me to the most practical solutions, ultimately, leading to more family time. Take the vacations you need, just like a phone that needs re-charging, you must do the same for yourself.

Attorney Cedrick D. Forrest Gives Advice On Balancing Work & Family

2. Communication

I’ve explained to my kids about what ‘dad’ does and they understand that I help people at sporadic times of the day; when a client calls, I answer. I want my wife and kids to see me enjoying my job. For my kids, especially, I want them to know that going to work shouldn’t be just a job but a career you can see yourself growing and becoming a better individual each day.

3. Patience

One of my favorite affirmations to self is, when focus goes, energy flows. Being an attorney takes a great deal of attention to detail and leaving work at work is important to me when I’m spending time with my family. I reclaim control of who I am and who I am to my family every single day so that my life reflects harmony. We must find our core and understand what makes us happy and patient, always.

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