August Affirmations

August AffirmationsAugust Affirmations

August affirmations offer strength and development along your journey to peace, happiness, and bliss. Allow your inner strength and beauty for the month of August to show through and elevate you into your season of Goddess.

Goddess is a female deity; a woman who is adored, especially for her beauty. We must embrace who we are meant to be. What is your intended purpose in this world? Actively seeking peace also means figuring out the fabrics of your life. Find peace in knowing who you are and where your trying to be. 

August Affirmations

Every morning I wake up, I am BLESSED to slay another day!

I love myself and I will make time for self-care.

I am a goddess. I have many talents. I am valuable.

I am with the tears of my ancestors, the pride of a lion, and a strong mind.

I can push past the hardships to get to the end goals. I have the courage to fight for me!

I will continue to wear my crown and be respectful to be respected.

I will only rock with women who are going to their intended places in the world.

I am on a constant BOSS UP.


Step into your Goddess status and take over your life with what you want to do. Keep the devil and negative vibes out of your bubble, out of your aura, and out of your site. You deserve to be where you are supposed to be. Keep pushing through, nobody will outshine you.

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