Author and Creator of PMA, Jasmine Jackson will be on the Documentary ‘Art. Life. Vibes’

Art. Life. VibesAuthor and Creator of PMA, Jasmine Jackson will be on the Documentary ‘Art. Life. Vibes’

Hey, girl, hey! This month is looking great for me and it’s getting even better as I am going to be a part of the documentary series ‘Art. Life. Vibes.’ How dope is that? I am going to get to tell my daily scoop, balancing mommying with running a business and writing, and just a little more about me.

Art. Life. Vibes. Season 1 is a documentary series that focuses on arts, culture, lifestyle/wellness, and black entrepreneurship. ” This season it’s our goal to meet, network, and build relationships with people by creating a positive visual platform.” says Creator and Director, Niema Graham. “Each episode is different with its own unique story. Everyone is transparent and uses the platform to share who they are and what they’re about. We want to continue to meet people and present them with the opportunity to present their platform.” The shows first two episodes were dope. It was created and directed by Niema Graham, produced by Niema Graham and Austin Toney.

Author Jasmine Jackson

I will be discussing Pardon My Audacity, my book W, my new poetry book where I will be disclosing the title of my book, and also, my upcoming online signature accessory boutique. Things are coming together and I am so thankful that you have come this far with me and the changes.

PMAI thank you and ask you to tune in on YouTube. I will be blowing you guys up with more on it and even writing another story with the video in the blog for you all to read. Keep supporting my art and I will keep delivering the dopest news to you! Pardon My Audacity!


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