Author Jasmine U Jackson Releases “Miss Mila Speaks” Fictional Podcast

Author Jasmine Jackson Releases "Miss Mila Speaks" Fictional PodcastAuthor Jasmine U Jackson Releases “Miss Mila Speaks” Fictional Podcast

Author Jasmine U Jackson releases a dope new concept of fictional production called “Miss Mila Speaks”. A podcast that gives readers and potential readers a chance to meet Mila as a person versus just read her as a character. The importance of the story and the characters motivate the author to continue pressing for new avenues to flip listeners into readers. 

Episode 1 is entitled “ATL, UBER, LIPS” lasting about 60 seconds. It is the introduction to these Wednesday highlights for #WETWednesday on IG. Mila, voice of Kandy Allen has a mixture of business and pleasure, but as the episodes continue she loosens up and gets into the juice for the episode. Mila introduces W and how she met him announcing that sex is officially back in the City. 

Here’s Episode 1: 

Episode 2 titled “Smashin’ & Dashin'” added another level of flair to the story of MIla dating W and how she begins to acquire a liking to him even though she’s not accustomed to staying overnight. In the book W, Mila starts opening her heart and mind to new dating methods when she meets Weston. She discusses smashing and hurriedly leaving or making him leave. She asks her listener’s to tell her what is their procedure was when it comes time to smash a new boo before going on a break. 

Here’s Episode 2: 

Episode 3 which drops today is “Issa Trainer”. Mila tells readers about needing a trainer. She searches IG only to find a wonderful gym with the most delicious black man with dreads that she ever met. She signed up immediately for 5 workouts, but what listeners do not know is that this episode introduces Ethan Prescott. “E” drops 6/15 and it will be even juicier than “W”. 

Enjoy Episode 3: 

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