Author Sonyia Graham Gives 5 Tips On Re-Gaining Mommy Time


Writer: KeAndra Scott Tatum

Mommy time these days doesn’t come easy and it’s vital to find some downtime before you get to your breaking point. Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Author of, “It’s Time To Uncover Your Original Blueprint,” Sonyia Graham, is a mother of two adults who has been ‘there and done that’. The Houston-based author was so kind enough to drop some of her professional insight on re-gaining mommy time between taking care of your family and work. 

Here are 5 tips: 

1. Everyday grabs a few minutes of me-time for yourself. Do something you like to do or that’s just for you (pamper yourself, read a book, a bubble bath, a DIY project, create an outdoor garden have a movie night retreat). Don’t wait for someone else to notice your sacrifices and take care of you or you may become resentful and feel unappreciated.

2. Establish a healthy family relationship by respecting the prospective roles of everyone in your household. Understand that all relationships in your household are important and need to be nurtured & cultivated individually to form strong relationship bonds in your family. So spend alone time with each person (daughter, son, and significant other) instead of feeling like everything must be done as a unit.

3. Do not lose sight of your unique self, dreams, aspirations or purpose while raising your family. The phrase I have coined for allowing that to happen is passive assimilation. Passive- Accepting or allowing what happens without active response or resistance. Assimilate- to become like something; to mimic or copy.

4. Our job is not to mold our children, GOD already molded them. Our job is to protect, nurture, instill and guide.

5. Self-love comes from you. Some ways I try to show love to myself are through affirmations and positive journaling. There are many other options so pick something that speaks to you, try it, and see how it changes your life!


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