Avoid these Relationships: Comfortable but Deadly

 Avoid these Relationships- Comfortable but DeadlyAvoid these Relationships: Comfortable but Deadly

Jackie loved her boyfriend. They had plans and they lived together. After two years, Jackie wanted more, but Tay wasn’t mentioning anything more or doing anything different. He stayed in the same position, with the same sex, and the same childish things. However, Jackie had two promotions and felt she was at her sexual peak. Though, she started being unhappy and feeling stagnant in their relationship she stayed. What was the mistake here? Simply staying.

Toxic relationships only progress when two people allow them too. Complacency kicks in when a couple’s relationship is comfortable and most times neither person notices it. It’s just a day to day routine. Life is too short to stick around in a situation where both parties aren’t happy, but rather going with flow. But most importantly, it’s too short for you to be unhappy, zoned out, and out of touch with romance. Let’s be real sis, if your relationship has turned into a zombie zone in your life then you must end it. It doesn’t need to end badly either, but it damn sure needs to end.

Being in love is such a dope feeling it’s hard to describe. Being comfortable is not caring whether your man is calling you or not. Because I want to hear my man’s voice. Comfortable is avoiding in-person chats for long ass text messages. When you realize that you are not in love and that there is a need for something missing be honest. Be honest and be sincere. Nobody wants to be with someone who they are only comfortable with when they want to be with someone they are in love with.

Sis, don’t be comfortable. Be happy. It is perfectly normal to get out of a comfortable situation and liven up your life. People do it every day and so can you.

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