AxJ Presents “Trump Card” Freestyle Encouraging People to Vote

Trump Card AxJ Presents “Trump Card” Freestyle Encouraging People to Vote

AxJ is back presenting his hot new freestyle “Trump Card” encouraging us all to go out and vote in this election! He presents the idea of voting and expressing your rights over a dope ass beat with a great message.

He spits, “Vote or Die used to be the slogan, Now we want change like game tokens, Third-eye awoken.”

Check out the full song here:

PMAWe loved the song, what do you think? Who were you voting for and why? Don’t be ignorant either.

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There are some dope indie artist putting forth the effort to inspire change while there are others who are spewing self-hatred and destruction about his black brothers and sisters. We love to present dope music with a dope message for a change.

Thank you AxJ for making your voice heard and inspiring young people to do the same.


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