AxJ Releases ‘Vibe Right Now’

AxJ Releases ‘Vibe Right Now’

AxJ Release Vibe Right Now

AxJ released ‘Vibe Right Now’ and PMA is loving the vibe we get from the single. The summer banger feels like a 90’s BBQ. But we all know that AxJ always delivers a positive message with a dope ass beat with all of his singles released. AxJ is preparing a new project titled 14 Hours to release before the end of the summer. Though, he has so much poppin’ off, he wanted to give us something to jam too. (Yes, I said jam). Vibe Right Now is such a dope single to go on the upcoming project. 

AxJ "Calm Down"The flow is fun, the beat is house music/early 90’s inspired, and it’s how the summer should feel. Good, fun, jumpin’, and always something to do with your homies or a someone you just bagged. AxJ literally creates music that millennials can eat brunch to, partake in THC, or ride through the city of Atlanta to. How often have you been on a vibe where everything feels right? 

AxJ is an artist, who started as a poet and chose to MC after falling love with the hip hop culture as an adolescent. From Indianapolis, IN but currently residing in the south making a name for himself. His previous full length LP “The Light Bulb Moment” showed just how illuminating his lyrics, storytelling and production can be. He’s now taking a feel of enjoyment through the grind of being an independent artist preparing for a new release title 14 Hours releasing later this summer. Dropping great music to keep us happy in the meantime.

Check out Vibe Right Now: 

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