AxJ’s “Calm Down” Hits Hard with a Strong Message

AxJ "Calm Down"

AxJ’s “Calm Down” Hits Hard with a Strong Message

AxJ’s “Calm Down” hits hard with his strong message in his new track. AxJ is one of the artist’s that I love to have on the blog because his music is so direct and such a great message for most of his audience.

AxJ says, “This song is me speaking my peace about it all. It’s not meant to be a popular song, but an honest statement knowing there are many of my peers that feel the same way. May this continue to motivate those wanting to take action and have the necessary conversations in order to bring about results of change for the better.” We concur, his strong voice is such an inspirational moment during the storm.

I have to say this track speaks volumes. AxJ is a real lyricist when it comes to speaking the truth. “Calm Down” is a force to be reckoned with. He speaks what seems to be both sides of the unapologetic fence which I feel we all get tripped on. AxJ grabbing what the youth is def going through and tying it into the reality of the situation for those who haven’t lived through it to relate. The track breathes a Hip hop feel and riding the beat is what he seems to do best while getting a great message across. Don’t sleep on this artist. He seems to hold pride into saying what he feels and meaning it. If you want a track that makes you feel good and makes you think no to mention act on your feelings, take a listen to calm down by AxJ.

Here’s the song:

PMA Tell us what you think of the song! We love it.

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