Be Beat, Bomb, & Boss with Beauty by Bee

Be beat, bomb, & boss with beauty by bee
Be Beat, Bomb, & Boss with Beauty By Bee

Hey girl Hey, be beat, bomb, & boss with Beauty by Bee! Bee Patterson is theeeee baddest MUA in Atlanta with a crazy, sexy, cool demeanor.

I had the pleasure of meeting her on the set of a pilot I contributed writing to, The Gift of Zara. That smile, the talent, and the personality made me ask for an in-depth conversation for our Dope Trendsetter readers! We sat down and chopped it up.

PMA:  Tell the readers one statement that motivates you to boss this sh*t called life.

Bee: I would say the biggest factor for me to BOSS LIFE is definitely my 7-year-old son! I had Bray when I was 21; talk about growing up and quickly! However, we also grew together. Brayden makes me want more for both of us. He motivates and challenges me to be better daily!

PMA: What does your beauty brand represent? 

Beauty By Bee is about skincare first! I am a licensed cosmetologist and the care part is what I pride myself in. 

-Bee Patterson

Bee: Beauty By Bee is about skincare first. I am a licensed cosmetologist and the care part is what I pride myself in. The artistry of “beating a face” is talent+God, but once the makeup comes off how healthy is your face?!? Think about in then call me! I would also say I pride myself in a very light, very au natural look daily with my clients and myself! Beauty By Bee believes LESS IS MORE BEAUTIFUL!

PMA: Hustling is such a big part of entrepreneurial and artistry lifestyle. What does your everyday hustle look like? What’s your top three keywords for coaching a hustling young person attacking their goals?

Bee: My day-to-day varies considering this lifestyle is freelance that comes with its ups and downs! I might not have a client for 3-4 days but I will definitely try to have 2-3 brides a month period. Also, I bar tend on the side, and  network daily (that’s free game). I make it my business to talk to everyone for two reasons. One because I’m a social butterfly and two because you never know who someone is, might be, or who they know. That alone is the best advice I could ever give.   Once you’ve mastered reading people being able to tell who’s more real and who’s not is easy as well. 3 words: persistence, self-motivation, & consistent.

I make it my business to talk to everyone. 1. I’m a social butterfly. 2. you never know who someone is, might be, or who they know. 

-Bee Patterson

Be Beat, Bomb, & Boss with Beauty by Bee

PMA: What new things are popping in the city with your brand?

Bee:  I always have something up next! Makeup & Mimosa’s is my brunch style tutorial. Women can network, socialize, eat and drink while learning varies artistry techniques. Follow my social media for upcoming events. @_beautybybee. Also, I see a med/spa in my near future.

PMA: Promote any sip and shops, pop up shops, concerts, album release, & etc.

Bee: I will working a huge event Tuesday, Aug. 14 at the Four Seasons! Fashion Show/ pajama party hosted by Brooke Sharee Lingerie! @brookeshareelingerie (my sister company).

IG @_beautybybeeFB @BeautyByBeeLLCdigital port

There you have another dope ass trendsetter making move in her career. Support this queen!


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