Be Boujie with The Boujie Brand

IMG_20130701_125507Be Boujie with The Boujie Brand

Ever been called “boujie” and you ignored it? Tamisha Mabry had been and she not only turned that word into an alternative meaning, but even turned the word into her T-shirt company line Boujie. Pardon My Audacity seek out businesses that mean something to the African American community with innovative ideals. We sat down with the creator of Boujie to talk with her about her new business and what she had in mind when starting it.

Jas: Tell the readers about “The Boujie Brand” and how you came up with the idea of the brand.

TM: The Boujie Brand, LLC is a company that specializes in women’s fashion. The first line released by the brand is our t-shirt line. We will continue to release other items to add to our line in the coming months. My entire life people have called me boujie. At one point, I really resented being called “boujie” because it was not necessarily a good thing to be considered “boujie”. My husband always jokingly called me this also and so I decided instead of resenting it why not embrace it. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I think that all women should have some class and think that they are beautiful. The word Boujie means Beautiful Ones Understand Jealousy Is Everywhere! I think all women should embrace their Boujie!

Jas: What does the brand specialize in?

TM: The brand specializes in women fashion apparel and accessories. We strive to bring different trendy fashion for every woman. We have launched our t-shirt line and look forward to adding to more hot items in the coming months.


Jas: Where can readers purchase items?

TM: The items can be purchased online at, via email at, via phone (601)832-1254, and also GGiGs Giftshop in Jackson, MS and Xclusively U Boutique in Atlanta, GA.

Jas: I saw you recently launched your line and saw the pictures on your IG (@TheBoujieBrand), how did the event turn out? Were you excited about the launch?

TM: The event was great. It was really a humbling experience to see so many people come out to support to something that is so dear to my heart. Yes I was so excited about the launch.


Jas: What’s coming next for your brand?

TM: We have several different programs that we are about to launch in the coming months and we are super excited about that. We are getting ready to add dresses and hoodies to our line up and by 2014 we hope to have Boujie shoes and purses also.

Jas: Where can readers find you?

TM: I am in Mississippi transitioning to GA but I am on Instagram (@theboujiebrand), Facebook at Tamisha Mabry Coleman and I am always available via email


There it is Boujie ladies! Embrace what you have going on via Ms. Tamisha Coleman and support The Boujie Brand here in Atlanta at Xclusively U Boutique!

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