Be Fabulous, Be Bold, Be Clarisa Yvette: A Plus Size Model

cy  Be Fabulous, Be Bold, Be Clarisa Yvette: A Plus Size Model

Fashion would be nothing without the models who are rocking and slaying the designers work.  There would just be pieces of fabric on mannequins and a mannequin cannot work the runway like those gorgeous models. Models have gone from voluptuous and curvy women to sticks; don’t nobody want to watch a stick when we can watch some curves flaunt it. Hello? Clarisa Yvette, a New York native, stepped into Atlanta with the a Can-Do/Will-Do mindset when she had the epiphany that she was just as gorgeous as the other girls. Being the mother of four beautiful girls, Yvette wanted to set the standard of Can-Do for them as well as other plus sized women.  Helen Keller said it best for Yvette: “When one door closes another opens,” and she used that to make herself a power house. We had a chance to sit down and discuss life with this gorgeous Plus Size Model.

PMA: Tell readers how you started out being a plus size model.

YW: Modeling was a complete accident I tell people. I was managing a dermatology practice and one of my patients’ approached me about modeling. I told her I never modeled before so if she was looking for a professional I was not the person for her. She was extremely nice and explained that I had the look she wanted and she definitely would work with me. So I agreed. A couple of weeks later I was on a professional set with photographers, makeup artists, other models and being pampered and paid! I thought to myself, “I can get used to this!”

PMA: What advice do you have for girls who aren’t confident enough to follow their dreams of being a model?

YW: Don’t give yourself a “No” before someone ever looks at you and would’ve given you a “yes”. As women, we tend to be so critical of ourselves, we easily dim our own light. Just shine! Trust me, sometimes what your definition of beautiful is way different from that of the casting director. I’ve gotten plenty “No’s,” but I never let it chip away at my confidence. Chin up ladies!

PMA: Where does your confident come from?

YW: My mother. That woman instilled in me at a very young age that I was beautiful. She would do my hair, make me look in the mirror and tell me. Kiss me on the forehead at night before bed and tell me. She not only told me, but showed me. I was always dressed to kill. Chuckles.

PMA: When did you know that you wanted to pursue modeling?

YW: The day after my first shoot I knew I had “the bug.” I immediately started looking for other opportunities. I started booking jobs and attending casting calls.

PMA: Give our readers some business tips for entering the modeling business

YW: You want to network, that is essential! Make sure you are humble. Would you go into an interview being rude? No! So definitely take that into consideration when going on a casting call. Every woman should have a mentor, someone seasoned. You will learn a lot and also be inspired on the days when no one is calling you.


PMA: You’re a full time mother and still find time to follow your dreams. What’s your secret?

YW: Prayer and an amazing support system. Having children shouldn’t kill your dreams, they should enhance them. I wanted to do more and be more for them.

PMA: What’s next for you as a model?

YW: I recently completed my vision board and I placed myself on the runway for full figured fashion week. That is what I envision for myself. I recently did a shoot for an up and coming high end boutique Tango and Charlie. I absolutely loved it because it embraces the grown and sexy plus size woman. I was also invited to be a part of a model boot camp which I am looking forward to. I have a couple of pretty promising things going on this year. Stay tuned!


Here it is in a nutshell, be aware of what you want and make it happen. How many times have you renigged on something you wanted to do because of lack of confidence? Yvette wasn’t afraid or deterred and now look at her. Plus size isn’t just a size, when I was bigger I looked at it as a state of mind. It means being filled with life, positivity, being a plus size sexy! Look out for Ms. Clarisa Yvette.

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  1. Alicia Shante

    Great interview Hun!! Your light is ALWAYS shining and I know there are GREAT things in store for you in 2015 and beyond!! Can’t wait to cheer you on as you rip that runway!


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