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Amazingly enough throughout life there are moments when it is so difficult  that giving up appears to be a viable option. Newsflash, however, it will not solve the issue. It may sooth the problems, but never solve them. This giving up spirit can lead any person down a path of destruction and giving up begins to be option number one each time. This spirit affects moments of creativity, entrepreneurship, and also how you give and receive love. In turn people begin to give up their love for easier options like infidelity. Infidelity is the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner. But people already know this definition all too well.

People begin to think that using this alternate route of infidelity will help them release the tensions created through bad times in general. The person that people use as their “getaway” become an excuse to abandon the hard work they put in with their significant other. This special sexual release or “innocent” not so innocent relationship will be a facade and even when all seems well; it will fail.

Failure doesn’t necessarily mean that the significant other will find out about the careless acts either. It means abandoning the current situation of the true relationship with the chosen person. Also, it has become one with the spirit of giving up and quitting when things get rocky which tends to happen in life.

The sad truth is that the getaway will not jump in to tend to those needs the significant other will. The thing people forget so quickly in relationships is they’re with the chosen person to take on these rough patches of life with and not the second temporary release. The temporary person doesn’t have to help deal with life. These people are distractions; they cloud judgement and create inner conflict. They will not balance incomes, nurse anyone back to health, or take full on responsibilities like the chosen lover will. How quickly one forgets about all of these factors in the giving up state.

Having an orgasm releases endorphins for the moment but after everyone is dressed and back in their cars heading home, reality is back with a vengeance. One cannot escape life with one person by sexing another. I say this to say, stick it out during trying times with the person who can wake up and kiss you with morning breath; mend those broken relationship issues with the person who will sit in the bathroom with when you have a bad stomach ache. Be mindful of the person giving their last to make you first.

Understand the consequences of losing a best friend, counselor, listener, or step parent to a child that isn’t their own. I’m not saying that cheating may not be fun because things that are not so good tend  to feel the best. I am simply saying that giving up when things happen to get real in life is very unstable and will begin to make you a loser. This behavior can begin to affect every area of your life. See when you find someone that has chosen to take your baggage with their own it’s special. It’s special and it’s selfish to try and create an alternate world where life’s bullshit isn’t happening while your partner is left alone with a half ass person they love.

Also, make a mental note that you aren’t alone and most things that feel like they’re coming to eat you up and spit you out can’t when you have a support system. Now when times get hard the primary relationship probably won’t be ice cream with sprinkles but thunderstorms. Therefore,get under the umbrella and weather storms that tend to come. Don’t be a fraud choosing other options when your primary option is keeping you number one. Learn to love someone without conditions attached. When a person loses that giving up spirit and replaces it with fervent praying, communicating and resistance to temptation, things become a natural feng shui overflowing with favor and capability.

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