Black Girls Are Bullies In the Media

Black Girls Are Bullies In the MediaBlack Girls Are Bullies In the Media

Black girls are bullies in the media and I want to know why? Every reality show, movie, and social media portray black women as bullies and it’s annoying. Thank God for movies like Girls Trip, Black Panther, and A Wrinkle in Time at a time as we live in a world  where there are Evelyn Lozada’s and Tami Roman’s parading around in the world bougie and throwing low jabs at other women of color. But why are we seen as bullies? Ratchet? Baby mommas? Is that what we are portrayed as in reality? 

Every time I turn on VH1, Love & Hip Hop or Basketball Wives have screaming matches from women that are beautiful and look as if they could be my cousins! It’s quite unfortunate as most of these reality stars wish to promote the positive advancements that they have going on in their real life but is subjected to act the way a director advises for a check. Currently, we have Evelyn and Tami going at it belittling each other’s personal journeys such as diabetes and domestic abuse. Honestly, both women are wrong. But the women who are watching it ( I can’t because my spirit never rests after watching the foolishness) are wrong as well. These women help perpetuate the stereotype that this is OK for women of color to be painted in this light by handing over ratings every week. 

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost’s new child’s mother Jasmine have been having a notable stand off that doesn’t revolve fighting, but just the situation of one woman sleeping with another woman’s husband then showing up to apologize is foreign to me. It’s quite dumb as hell and makes women think that it’s perfectly OK to be cheated on, it’s okay for the man to have another woman, and it’s okay to “check” someone instead of checking their man. Even in this series, Rasheeda not checking Kirk starts making her seem delusional and a bully to Jasmine. Both women needed to handle this situation in private including Kirk trifling ass. If not a bully, extremely needy of a man’s approval.

Is it too much for women of color to highlight the organizations created to uplift their community? Or highlight some of their accomplishments as artists, MUA’s, or whatever their niche is. Mona Scott-Young profits off women who look like her by exploiting them with scripted text and I know these people just cannot be this naive and foolish. From drinks flinging across tables, women trying to fight pregnant Princess Love, to Ray J’s mother overstepping her boundaries and being psycho to Spice fat shaming Tokyo. Nothing about these shows are healthy for us, queens. Just in case you were wondering, I never watch these shows, but as a blogger I know what happens in them. I watch clips but find myself in a dark space after from all the negativity. 

I suggest partaking in healthier activities as women of color. The real world already gives us shit, why would we help continue to bring one another down for ratings? For money? IDK, If it’s worth it to me. What do you think? Is the violence and bullying of women of color by women of color acceptable to you? 

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