Black Girls Train: Pandora Marie is a Boss Ass Keto Trainer!

Black girls do train! Pandora Marie is a boss ass Keto trainer and she is teaching women how to properly lose weight and heal their bodies.

Being on a Ketogenic diet or keto diet means eating a very low-carb diet. It can help burn fat more effectively. People have stated they have experienced benefits for weight loss, health, and performance. Are you about to ride the wave?

Black girls are expanding their health and their wealth in 2019. Changing your body first begins with your mind and Keto makes you really commit to bettering your mind because there needs to be a connect with holistically healing.

Pandora Marie understands this and has started changing girls lives. I had the chance to sit and ask a few questions about her training sessions.

PMA: What do you wish to instill in the black girl community doing keto?

PM: I want to instill that to my black girl community that no matter what size, we should all want to live healthier for ourselves and our families. I want to uplift my girls confidence. When I started this journey, I was really depressed about my weight gain and my mental state was all over the place.

Keto has not only changed my waistline and the number on the scale but it has changed my mindset. I feel healed from the inside out. I’m in competition with myself and it has boosted my confidence so much.

PMA: What will be the hardest and easiest part of transitioning?

PM: The hardest part is learning how to change your mindset. That’s definitely number one. Before you start anything, you have to change your mindset to be successful. Second hardest part will be learning how to eat differently. A lot of people may get nervous because they like sugar or love bread; my clients get scared when I start them on intermittent fasting, but it’s all in the mind. To me, Keto is a science and everyone eats towards what is meant for their body. Anyone can try a supplement but it may not work for everyone because it’s not exactly fit for your body composition.

PMA: Would you suggest it to anyone?

PM: I would suggest this lifestyle to anyone. I talk about Keto everywhere I go. I enjoy it, I feel great, I still eat GREAT and not only is it great for weight loss, but it also helps manage stressors. The ketogenic lifestyle has also been helping my clients get pregnant, have cycles again, lower blood pressure, improve your digestion, reduce the risk of diabetes food addictions and so many other things. 

PMA: Tell readers what you offer as a keto coach?

PM: As a Keto coach, I offer 30 days of one on one coaching. This means I stay in constant contact EVERYDAY with my clients through text, calls, live Zoom video chats, email, and FaceTime. We discuss what you are eating throughout the day, if you need help or confused about anything I’m one message or phone call away.   With my coaching, I will personally calculate your macros.

Macronutrients are what make up the calorie content of food. The three categories that makeup macros are carbohydrates, fat, and protein. I will teach you all about macros into further detail once you get started.
  My clients will also receive my new Keto Guidebook, beginners meal plans, grocery lists & recipes. They do Weekly weigh-ins and I will teach my clients how to do intermittent fasting.

Does this sound like a program that you can follow? Contact Pandora Marie for your keto needs. Her debut Keto “Carbie to Barbie” Guide Book will be out March 23! Cop it and free macros!

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