Black Owned Businesses of the Week

Black Owned Business DirectoryBlack Owned Businesses of the Week 

We are back with another week highlighting black owned businesses in the community. Without these businesses, we wouldn’t have a community to help bring money in. We must support our communities guys!

  1. LMF Consulting- This company helps businesses strengthen and maintain an online presence. Contact LMF Consulting here: (773)809-5860.
  2. Manifiscent- This company offers refreshing aromas and handcrafted designs to beautify and eliminate foul odors. Contact Magnifiscent at
  3. Soopa ActiLife- This company supplies beauty products such as nail press ons, fluoride-free toothpaste, and more. Visit the
  4. Jenyfer Rogers- This company assists you with all financial needs! This company will teach you financial success. Visit the site:
  5. The Refinery- This tutorial company specializes in turning ordinary students into extraordinary scholars. Contact Laurel Charles:404-787-4315.

There you have it people, make sure to use these resources and find out more about each company by contacting them!

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